Occupational health and safety knowledge

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The online occupational safety training system provides a flexible, efficient, and interactive learning experience for employees. It helps improve workplace safety and prevent accidents with up-to-date information.

General occupational safety knowledge means understanding the safety regulations and procedures that serve to protect the health and safety of workers in the workplace. General occupational safety knowledge includes creating a safe work environment, applying ergonomic principles, using work tools safely, and understanding the importance of preventing workplace accidents and injuries. The proper application of general occupational safety knowledge can help ensure that workers spend their work hours in safety and good health.

Please carefully study the chapters of the online educational material and demonstrate your acquired knowledge by answering the exam questions.

Following the acquisition of the educational material, a written test exam will take place.

In case of a successful exam, you will be able to download and print an educational certificate issued in your name.

If you have any questions during the acquisition of the learning material, you can seek assistance from our occupational safety expert by filling out the contact form in writing.

Introduction to Occupational Safety

Occupational safety is of paramount importance in every workplace, as the health and safety of employees are primary considerations during work performance. The purpose and task of occupational safety is to protect workers from accidents and illnesses that may occur in the workplace.

Personal Protective Equipment and Organizational Measures

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays an important role in maintaining workplace safety and health. They help reduce the risk for workers when working in hazardous environments where risks cannot be avoided otherwise.

Manual Material Handling

Adhering to proper occupational safety measures and providing adequate training and education for employees can help minimize the risk of injuries and health impairments during manual and mechanical material handling.

Using a Manual Pallet Jack

Manual pallet jacks are useful for efficiently transporting heavy loads over short distances in a variety of work settings.

Personal Requirements for Work Performance

Personal requirements for work performance represent factors that influence whether an individual is capable and suitable for a specific job role.

Work Tool Safety

Work tool safety is crucial in workplaces to prevent accidents, injuries, and potential material damage.

Hazards in the Workplace

Numerous hazards exist in workplaces that can cause accidents, injuries, or even fatalities.

Fire Safety Knowledge

Appropriate fire safety measures, such as the installation of fire detectors and extinguishing equipment, as well as regular fire safety training for workers, reduce the risk of fire incidents and minimize potential damages and losses.